Our company has production experience of more than ten years, rich technical strength, advanced equipments, and stable product quality, which accords with GB4085-83 standard, and the products are well sold both at home and abroad. 

Gold Orchid plastic flooring is an artistic flooring tile consisting of soleplate made of PVC as main material and covered with PVC face material with patterns. 

The patterns have many styles. And are classic and trendy, and the colors are bright, and the gloss on the surface is durable. No matter luxurious high class hotel flooring or household living room or bed room flooring, using the plastic flooring of our company for paving can achieve dynamic and vigorous, splendid and magnificent effects. 

The Gold Orchid plastic flooring has rather high stability, which can bear heavy load, and has the alkali corrosion resistance, high fire retardancy, extreme superior wear resistance and anti-skid effect. 

The plastic flooring can be paved indoors, due to its simple construction and low product price, the whole construction cost is low. Foreign hotels and shopping malls take the lead in adopting the products, especially the products are widely applied and paved in household living rooms and bed rooms, and are the ideal materials for interior decoration and floor paving.